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FOCO Model Franchise Oppurtunity

FOCO model assures risk free opportunity to franchisee.Franchising business in India is flourishing every year Looking at the fierce competition within the market franchisors have introduced FOCO business models to stay ahead of race and generate quick profits.

What is FOCO?

Foco stands for Franchisee Owned Company Operated (FOCO) model to start their entrepreneurial journey either by investing in the brand or independently running the brand’s operations.FOCO model emerges as the more feasible and profitable venture because on one hand, the franchisee gets its proceeds sharing with participating in the minimal business operations and on the other hand, the enterprise gets verve to its brand by prolonging quality. Otherwise, out of the FOCO model, choosing the more practicable model would completely depend on the individual’s preference on taking up the commerce as an investor or as an entrepreneur.”

Benefits of FOCO Model

FOCO is a good example of value for money. In addition, FOCO offers minimal risk for both franchisor and franchisee. Franchisor has lot to do in FOCO model as they can get the things done as per their norms taking the franchisee along.” The FOCO model is considered a cut above than other franchise models.On the other hand, FOCO is a partnership model and company has the liability to give RoI on time either it’s in loss or profit. FOCO offers better value for both the franchisee and consumer with better buying power, consolidation etc. Moreover, franchisee can focus their energies on the promotion and sales, leaving the operation to the brand company.Whereas, FOCO model permits the enterprise to run operations without franchisee's intrusion and gets revenue share self-reliantly.

Who Can become Franchisee?

The Person who got best zeal to become an entrepreneur can become the franchise owner. You Must be localite to the location you prefer to become the franchise owner.


The one who become franchise owner will get lots of benefits in terms of financial freedom and individuality.Will Get best brand essence of attributes, benefits, personality, values and essence.


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