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Q: What is mandatory to post the franchise advertisement in

A: Official website and image is mandatory to post the advertisement.

Q: What is a Pixel?

A: In-simple, 40,000 Pixels is one Square box(40*1000 Pixels),One Square Box is 1 Stamp.

Q: supported image format's?

A: Support's jpg, png and gif images.

Q: Price of stamps?

A: While posting the advertisement based on your selection you can view the price at the stage 6.

Q: Did not find your city/town/location or category on the website?

A: Send a mail to

Q: What is the validity of stamps?

A: Main Page or All india is valid for 30 Days , All Most popular Cities valid for 90 Days, Other Locations is valid for 365 Days. ***Note: Validity period will change with out prior notice.

Q: Benefits of posting stamps on

A: Say Good bye to click per cost and Bulk Mail service apart You can change the images and links using "My Account" option unlimited times.

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