Free Bulk Email server for every one who owns a website.

we Send Bulk emails everyday, As you aware Marketing and promotion is every day task and competitive,its hard and commercial for every one to manage on daily basis. wondering how we could able to do? This is our bread and butter.Become Part of our website by posting an image at your desired city. We take care the rest.

Our Email Service at glance Is the World's First Innovative Image Browsing Machine which deals in to Marketing and Promotion of Official Website's to generate traffic. We are happy and Proud to Introduce the Free email system we are offering, with the world's most renowned technology.

Why you should opt us?

We got expertise and professional team who send the emails every day from our servers with fair policies.Our Delivery inbox rate and click rate is excelled with the industry standards.we have a huge email id list's subscribed for our newletters.we just don't send emails but we engage the customers to your official website.

Benefits of our service

You can save lots of time for composing the email, collecting new email ids every day, last but not least you save the man power too.Value for Money, Better service and improved functionality.

What is our service?

We don't offer you any bulk mail server or email id's. We send bulk email's from our server to our subscriber's every day. we have categorised the email's based on their interest, age, sex and location. Our team will compose and send the emails based on the parameters we have practised and excelled with the user's interest.

How to opt our service?

By posting the image on our website at your desired location you can opt our bulk email service free of can keep changing the images and the landing page URL's of your image from "My Account" Option. You can track the number of clicks you got for your image.

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